Kitchen Triangle or Kitchen Zones?

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Kitchen Triangle or Kitchen Zones?

The kitchen triangle has many names like Golden Triangle and Working Triangle. It is a kitchen layout concept that was developed in the 1940s and was very popular amongst kitchen designers and architects to improve the traffic flow.

The idea of the kitchen triangle is to design a kitchen by forming an invisible triangle between the kitchen sink, fridge, and cooktop. This layout will help a person move between these three main stations seamlessly and without any obstructions.

We do understand why this concept has been very popular for a long time, but times change. What would have been a practical and great idea a long time ago, might not work so well now.

For example, kitchens used to be smaller and boxed in. The kitchen was a practical work area, where preparing food, cooking, and washing up was done usually by one person because let’s face it, there wasn’t much space for more people.

Modern families prioritize family time and entertaining when cooking. That means that the kitchens have become open and bigger in size. Modern kitchens allow more people in the kitchen and that allowed to create working zones. Working zone means that the kitchen is divided into practical work areas, where more than one person can do the cooking.

For example, there is a food preparing area with plenty of bench space and a kitchen island. You want to keep the mixing bowls and cutting boards close by. Then there is a cooking area with a stove, oven, and spices cupboard. Let’s not forget about the pots and pans that need to be conveniently in a hand reach.

Another working zone is the food storage area, which includes the refrigerator and the pantry. The cleaning zone has a sink, bins for food scraps, recycled waste, and general waste. And you would want to keep the cleaning products, cling wraps, and empty food containers close by.

As you can see having different zones in the kitchen can be very useful depending on what are you doing. This setup also helps with the workflow. Imagine cooking dinner with your friends or with a partner or asking your kids to help clean up after the meal. It is very convenient when everybody knows what their task is, and they won’t disturb one another.

When it comes to a kitchen design layout you really need to take into consideration the space you must work with and what appliances will you have in the kitchen. Another thing to keep in mind is your family's needs and habits.

If the kitchen triangle rule works for you, go ahead, and make the kitchen your own, but if it doesn’t, opt for the working zones. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Sometimes the designers can say that the kitchen triangle concept is outdated, but we think that instead of agreeing with every individual who has an opinion on that, make your own informed decision. Try to imagine the kitchen space. How do you see yourself moving around different areas?  We are all different and there is no such thing as one design that fits every household.

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