How to choose Shower Fittings

Shower tapware set

How to choose Shower Fittings

Renovating a bathroom can be a really fun project, but those who have done it, know that this fun comes also with a million decision-making moments.

Not only do you need to think about basics like what style are you opting to achieve and what color palette would match that style, but also every single little practical detail that what we like to call Shower Accessories.

We all have seen many bathrooms and showers and know what are the basic items that you need to have for a functional shower.

But not many of us think about different options.

So in order to expand your creative mind, we have decided to explore 3 options that we want to share with you

If you have any questions about items discussed in this blog post or about the practicality, get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Happy exploring!

Option 1. Less is more

Shower tapware set

I'm sure everybody knows the saying "Less is more". This goes perfectly for this option where everything is about minimalistic design and a clean sleek look.

No distractions or excessive items like hose or handheld shower, only what we need - Shower Arm, Shower Head, and Minimal Mixer.

This is a very good option for small shower spaces, where you want to be as practical as you can.

From the photos, you can see that you can have two options for a shower arm - a shower dropper that comes from the ceiling or a shower arm that comes from the wall.

You can choose one or the other depending on the height of your ceiling and also the plumbing work done inside the walls.

For the Shower Head we have either classical round ones or if you're thinking something a bit more edgy, why not a square shower head.

When it comes to mixers, they have a couple of jobs to do but in this example, we are looking at a minimal mixer that only controls water pressure and temperature.

In Just In Place we have a beautiful color range of mixers - A) Matte Black, B) Brushed Nickel, C) Rose Gold, D) Brushed Brass, E) Gunmetal, F) Chrome.

Or why not something with a backplate like the White and Chrome Shower Wall mixer in the photo.

mixer with plate
shower mixer
Shower head

Option 2. Twin Taps

Shower arm

Also, this option would suit a home where minimalism is much appreciated.

Again you can have two options for the Shower Arm - Shower Dropper from the ceiling or Shower Arm from the wall.

Then you can choose the shape of your Shower Head and instead of a wall mixer, you can have Twin Taps.

If you like clean lines and geometrical aesthetics then that will be a great choice.

One tap will be for hot water and the other tap for cold water and by turning the taps you can control the water pressure.

It can't get easier than that.

Option 3. Diverter

shower set

In this option, we are exploring a bit more complicated setup, where we need a few more extra items.

First, we have again shower arm (B) and a showerhead (C).

We also want to add a Hand Held Shower (D), which needs to be connected to BP (G).

What is BP? BP is a connective part between the wall water pipe and a hose.

Now, in this option, you have noticed that we have two water outlet points instead of one. In previous examples, water came out only from the Shower Head, but in this example, water can come out from a Shower Head and also from a Hand Held Shower.

In that case, we need a Mixer with Diverter (E), so we can choose which outlet point we want to use for water flow.

Hand Held Shower will be connected to the Hose (F) which will then be connected to BP.

There are a couple of options for how to "rest" your handheld shower. First, using a clip (H) that can be attached to the wall or you can use a Wall Hose Connecter (I) that is also connected to the wall but works also as a BP, so you wouldn't need to buy a separate BP.

When it comes to choosing all these accessories mentioned above, there is a very wide range to choose from regarding color, shape, style, etc.

Even with a simple accessory like a Shower Rail (A), you can play with the shape. In Just in Place we have three types of shower rails - A) round, B) oval and C) flat.

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