Renovating On The Budget Before Selling The House

Kitchen open plan

Renovating On The Budget Before Selling The House

A very common question before selling your home or apartment is "Should I renovate it before selling or not?" That decision depends on so many things but in this blog, we will concentrate on just a couple of main points.

Selling your home can be an emotional process so all the decisions you make need to be made carefully. One of the first things that we are thinking about, is the cost. How much do we need to spend to make the place more appealing to the prospective buyer? That depends on the situation of your house and it is important to keep in mind not to go over your budget. There is no point in putting in more money into fixing up the place than the place is worth. Do the research on the market and know what to expect.

The brief was to fix and give a makeover to the kitchen and laundry. The kitchen is one of the most important areas that need to be in great condition, so don't even start thinking about the bathroom if you know that you need to do some work on the kitchen.

Changes that we made according to the brief:

  • Kitchen joinery - polyurethane, flat panels, finger pull.
  • The new cabinets are in the same location as before.
  • The fridge was initially in a laundry area, so we needed to create a space for the fridge in the kitchen.
  • Splashback tile has been changed into a neutral white subway that would appeal to a broader audience. Avoid picking unique or very bright colors and patterns - it's not about your taste or what you prefer.
  • New tapware - make sure you have quality tapware and everything is working properly without any leaks or rusts, etc.
  • New sink for the kitchen and the laundry.
  • New powder room vanity and a mirror.
  • New floor tiles - encaustic tiles with green and white.

When considering all the changes that need to be made, make them according to the priority and think whether it will add any value to the asking price or not.

Kitchen open plan
Kitchen remodel
Laundry Nook
Encaustic Tiles

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