Shower Rails, Hand Held, Hoses, BP's

Right essentials and colours can give your shower area in your bathroom a fresh and modern look, which you won't get tired of.

Because let's be honest, nobody wants to renovate their bathroom every year just because the colours get 'tireing' and aren't 'quite right'.

Talk to us about your bathroom ideas and we can help you find the right pieces that will last many years to come!

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  1. Round Brass Shower Rail
    Round Brass Shower Rail
  2. Oval Black Shower Rail
    Oval Black Shower Rail
  3. Flat Black Shower Rail
    Flat Black Shower Rail
    Out of stock
  4. Oval Gun Metal Shower Rail
    Oval Gun Metal Shower Rail
    Out of stock
  5. Flat Chrome Shower Rail
    Flat Chrome Shower Rail
  6. Brass Shower Hose
    Brass Shower Hose
  7. Matte Black Shower Hose
    Matte Black Shower Hose
  8. Rose Gold Shower Hose
    Rose Gold Shower Hose
  9. Gunmetal Shower Hose
    Gunmetal Shower Hose
    Out of stock
  10. Chrome Shower Hose
    Chrome Shower Hose
  11. Curved Brass Hand Shower
    Curved Brass Hand Shower
  12. Curved Black Hand Shower
    Curved Black Hand Shower
  13. Round Brass Shower BP
    Round Brass Shower BP
  14. Round Gunmetal Shower BP
    Round Gunmetal Shower BP
  15. Round Chrome Shower BP
    Round Chrome Shower BP
    Out of stock
  16. Round Copper Shower BP
    Round Copper Shower BP
  17. Square Chrome Shower BP
    Square Chrome Shower BP
  18. Matte Black Shower Clip
    Matte Black Shower Clip
  19. Rose Gold Shower Clip
    Rose Gold Shower Clip
  20. Brass Shower Clip
    Brass Shower Clip
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38 Items

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Set Descending Direction
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