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Whether it's a big renovation project or small ideas to give your kitchen or bathroom refreshed look and modern touch ups, it can be quite overwhelming. There are a lot of details that need your attention and we are here to help you.

And when you start doing something, you want to do it right!

Here in Just in Place we are passionate about interior design and it makes us happy to see that our customers love the results.

We are more than happy to assist you with choosing the right colours for your home. Our beautiful range of Brass Tapware, Chrome Tapware and Accessories, etc give your bathroom or kitchen a clean and modern look.

Everybody can find their perfect signature piece from our Basins and Custom Made Vanity selection.

We are excited to be part of your beautiful renovation journey!

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  1. Brass Spout
    Brass Spout
  2. Commercial Gunmetal Spout
    Commercial Gunmetal Spout
  3. Commercial Brass Spout
    Commercial Brass Spout
  4. Commercial Copper Spout
    Commercial Copper Spout
  5. Matte Black Spout
    Matte Black Spout
  6. Rose Gold Spout
    Rose Gold Spout
  7. Brushed Nickel Spout
    Brushed Nickel Spout
  8. Gunmetal Spout
    Gunmetal Spout
  9. Brushed Copper Spout
    Brushed Copper Spout
  10. Round Brass Shower Rail
    Round Brass Shower Rail
  11. Oval Black Shower Rail
    Oval Black Shower Rail
  12. Flat Black Shower Rail
    Flat Black Shower Rail
    Out of stock
  13. Oval Gun Metal Shower Rail
    Oval Gun Metal Shower Rail
    Out of stock
  14. Flat Chrome Shower Rail
    Flat Chrome Shower Rail
  15. Brass Shower Hose
    Brass Shower Hose
  16. Matte Black Shower Hose
    Matte Black Shower Hose
  17. Rose Gold Shower Hose
    Rose Gold Shower Hose
  18. Gunmetal Shower Hose
    Gunmetal Shower Hose
    Out of stock
  19. Chrome Shower Hose
    Chrome Shower Hose
  20. Curved Brass Hand Shower
    Curved Brass Hand Shower
  21. Curved Black Hand Shower
    Curved Black Hand Shower
  22. Round Brass Shower BP
    Round Brass Shower BP
  23. Round Gunmetal Shower BP
    Round Gunmetal Shower BP
  24. Round Chrome Shower BP
    Round Chrome Shower BP
    Out of stock
  25. Round Copper Shower BP
    Round Copper Shower BP
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Items 1-90 of 148

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