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Here in Just in Place we love colour play. Mixing and matching different colours or using one colour theme throughout your bathroom or kitchen can have a great effect on your overall result.

We are very proud of our Brass, Nickel, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Copper and Matte Black colour range.

Not only do they look exciting and fresh, these colours look fantastic in every home.

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  1. Tall Brass Basin Mixer
    Tall Brass Basin Mixer
  2. Matte Black Mini Spout
    Matte Black Mini Spout
  3. Brass Basin Mixer
    Brass Basin Mixer
  4. Brass Shower Mixer
    Brass Shower Mixer
  5. Brass Top Shower Mixer
    Brass Top Shower Mixer
  6. Brass Assembly Taps
    Brass Assembly Taps
  7. Mini Brass Assembly Taps
    Mini Brass Assembly Taps
  8. Brass Spout
    Brass Spout
  9. Brass Mini Spout
    Brass Mini Spout
  10. Brass Swivel Bath Spout
    Brass Swivel Bath Spout
  11. Brass Shower Combo Set
    Brass Shower Combo Set
  12. Round Brass Shower Combo
    Round Brass Shower Combo
  13. Brass Floor Spout
    Brass Floor Spout
  14. Brass Shower Head
    Brass Shower Head
  15. Brass Hand Shower
    Brass Hand Shower
  16. Brass Hose
    Brass Hose
  17. Brass Shower Connector
    Brass Shower Connector
  18. Brass Shower Holder
    Brass Shower Holder
  19. Brass Pop Up Waste
    Brass Pop Up Waste
  20. Brass Pop Up
    Brass Pop Up
  21. Brass Bottle Trap
    Brass Bottle Trap
  22. Brass Robe Hook
    Brass Robe Hook
  23. Round Brass Robe Hook
    Round Brass Robe Hook
  24. Brass Soap Bottle Holder
    Brass Soap Bottle Holder
  25. Matte Black Basin Mixer
    Matte Black Basin Mixer
  26. Black Basin Mixer
    Black Basin Mixer
  27. Black Tall Basin Mixer
    Black Tall Basin Mixer
  28. Matte Black Assembly Taps
    Matte Black Assembly Taps
  29. Mini Black Assembly Taps
    Mini Black Assembly Taps
  30. Black Top Shower Mixer
    Black Top Shower Mixer
  31. Matte Black Shower Mixer
    Matte Black Shower Mixer
  32. Black Swivel Bath Spout
    Black Swivel Bath Spout
  33. Black Floor Spout
    Black Floor Spout
  34. Black Spout
    Black Spout
  35. Matte Black Shower Head
    Matte Black Shower Head
  36. Matte Black Hand Shower
    Matte Black Hand Shower
  37. Matte Black Hose
    Matte Black Hose
  38. Black Pop Up Waste
    Black Pop Up Waste
  39. Black Pop Up
    Black Pop Up
  40. Matte Black Bottle Trap
    Matte Black Bottle Trap
  41. Heated Towel Rail - Black
    Heated Towel Rail - Black
    Out of stock
  42. Round Black Robe Hook
    Round Black Robe Hook
  43. Black Robe Hook
    Black Robe Hook
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Items 1-90 of 188

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