Tucked away from buzzing streets and big crowds, there is a small bathroom inspiration sanctuary in the midst of North Shore of Sydney. All curious guests who have made the effort to find and visit our showroom are welcomed by Leah and Galit who are passionate about bathroom and kitchen design and renovation and who is always up for a chat to discuss your ideas and help you think outside the box.
Our showroom is more than a bathroom and kitchen showroom, it's a place where you will get inspiration, let yourself be guided by colours, textures and materials. It's a place where you enter with one idea and come out with ten.

What will you find at our showroom?

  • Luxury, affordable, high-quality tapware, accessories, sinks
  • Unique ranges of stone basins
  • Custom made solid timber vanities on display
  • Kitchen and bathrooms on display - smart stone, caesar stone, quantum quartz
Showroom address:

Unit 14, 25 Narabang Way, Belrose, NSW 2085

(A one-minute drive from Bunnings and the Super Centre Belrose)


Ample parking spaces available outside the showroom or on Narabang Way.

Working Days/Hours:
Mon - Fri / 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sat : By Appointment

Welcome to our Showroom.


We are best friends from Sydney’s North Shore and we met at the school gates twelve years ago - now we can finish each others sentences. We share a lifelong passion for all things interior design. We’ve also travelled off the beaten path together – Nepal, Vietnam and Bhutan to get inspired.

We’ve also got a wealth of realistic real-world experience – in design, building, project management, juggling budgets and business. Just In Place is our dream business and combines every element of our professional and personal experience.

Drop us a line or stop by our 'Just In Place' showroom where we can sit down with you and discuss your every design and building need.

Your project is our project. We can’t wait to work with you.

Leah & Galit x
Just In Place Showroom Team in North Shore


We are sure everybody can relate to long days of going from one place to another in search of best tapware, talking to different sales people, who are giving lot of different advice, becoming so overwhelmed that you want to just go home, empty handed and with no clear vision.

How many of you know the feeling that when you step into a place just to have a look at something, to explore, maybe even without the intention to buy straight away and get the feeling that you almost have to buy something to make the sale people smile. It's an unneccesary discomfort and nobody wants to feel like that.

Here in Just in Place we are very passionate about creating a welcoming atmosphere for our clients as we are passionate about our own homes and don't expect anything less than amazing when dealing with our customers and new friends.

We are not a big chain of shops and we don't have a selection of items that reflect every single style and taste in the world. And these are exactly the reasons why we can afford to be very personal.

Our selection of tap ware, basins, tiles, vanities etc is about classic yet edgy style. We believe in timeless pieces, because this is where the quality lies.
We love and welcome the idea that you can enjoy the same pieces also in ten years without the feeling that you need to re-do your whole bathroom or kitchen.

Just In Place Showroom Display


In Just In Place we love everything about bathrooms and kitchens. These are the rooms in every home, where you are spending a lot of time and they need to reflect your personality and needs.

In our range of tap ware you can find classic colours like Matte Black, Chrome or a very popular Brushed Brass, or unexpected colours like cool Gunmetal, warm Copper and Brushed Rose Gold.

We have different types of Basin Mixers - short or tall or maybe a Goose Neck style. If you like Wall Mounted Mixers, we have a beautiful range of Wall Mixers and Spouts that will save you a lot of space on the top of the vanity.

We have made sure that when you're interested in certain colour, you can buy all matching sets and accessories so you'll be able to create a nice flowing colour palette.
We stock everything you need for a shower including Shower Mixers, Assembly Taps, Shower Rails, Shower Droppers and Shower Arms, Shower Heads, Shower Clips and Connectors, Floor Wastes etc.

The idea is to be able to buy all Accessories and connecting parts in same style and colour from a same place.
The way we have chosen the colours is that everybody can mix and match them. Meaning that If you like for example Brushed Gunmetal colour but would like to have a bit of colour in another bathroom, bust still keep the same style, you can choose Brushed Rose Gold for example. Both these colours are subtle, brushed and faded yet outstanding and will go together perfectly well.
brass tapware


Whether it's a big scale tile on the wall or a small print on floor tiles, it is something everybody will see straight away.
When you come to visit us, you can see a wide range of Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone tiles that you can play around with and see how they go together with other tiles.

For the floors you would go usually with porcelain tiles. You would need a non slippery heavy tiles that don't break so easily. These tiles usually imitate natural materials like stone.

The second type is Ceramic tiles, these are usually glazed, making the surface shiny and slippery and these can be used on the walls. You will always get a better idea of the decorative details and items when you touch them, lift them, put next to each other and compare in real life. Only then you will get this 'yes, that's it' feeling.

We have a range of decorative tiles but also classic white, black, grey colours that will always work in any bathroom or kitchen.
For example, if you know what colour Tapware you would like to use, you can also choose the tiles in same place, put them together and see if it works for you.
Grey Stone Basin


We are working together with very talented carpenters/cabinet makers who can make fantastic quality vanities for every bathroom.

You can be part of the whole process and design the vanity that will suit your needs perfectly.
You need the measurements and decide the wood type and also configurations like how many doors, shelves etc you want.

It is that easy and you don't need to worry about how it will fit into a specific place because it will be custom made.
Custom Made Timber Vanity
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