A reno blitz turned this old and tired unit in a prime location into a stylish and modern space.

The key elements were:

  • Clear vision: of the style and space the clients were after meeting on site with builder and designers.
  • Brain storming prior the start of work with different professionals and experts in their fields: In regards to finishes in order to get the full picture and to make sure the right choices were made.
  • Team work and open communication: from client to design team and all the way down to the last tradie on site. (regular site meeting and a daily progress email were formed as well)
  • Budget: well prepared site and a thought-thru decision making process( before and while the renovation took place) helped avoid costly changes and mistakes.

Overall- Pure Joy

building a niche in a bathroom wall
white vanity with drawers
shaving cabinet with mirrors
building a niche in a bathroom wall
electric towel rack
kitchen island with stone benchtop
bellevue hill kitchen design
renovating a kitchen and making it open space
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