We are spending a lot of time in our bathrooms. These are spaces that are used every single day. Because it is one of the most important rooms in the house, you want them to look and feel great.

Creating your dream bathroom can sometimes take some time but you want to be ready to go with your ideas when the time is right.

One of the most important things in bathroom renovation is the layout. You really want to make the best use of your floor space and maximize your options. If your bathroom layout doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t matter how much money did you spend on fancy tiles or basin mixers. So always start with space planning. Think about whether you are a bath person. If you know you won’t be using a bath, you can have a spacious walk-in shower with double showers? But if you have kids, then maybe you want to have a bathtub. In this case, you need to make sure where this bathtub makes the most sense.

Then we have the bathroom vanity. Do you need a double vanity or is a small vanity with one basin enough? One of the things our customers love is the custom-made timber vanities and mirror cabinets. Everybody loves the idea that you don’t buy an off-shelf vanity but instead you customize it to fit your space and your needs. When you think about the vanity, always think about the storage. Do you have any other bathroom cabinets where you can store some extra towels and soap bottles? If not, then choose a vanity configuration that gives you the most storage space.

Basin is another important element in your bathroom design. You can have a basin made of concrete, stone or it can be ceramic. It can be a sit on top basin or recessed basin. Or maybe you want to have a Solid Surface Wall Hung Unit with an integrated basin bowl. There are so many interesting options, you just need to think about your preferences.

The Basin mixer colour should match your tapware in the shower and bath. If you like a classy, elegant look, we recommend going with Brushed Nickel, if you like a warm and expensive look, so with a Brushed Brass colour. Gunmetal is a perfect option for those who love black but want something more luxurious.

If a mirror cabinet is not something, you want to install in your bathroom, go with a mirror that has an elegant slim frame. Our mirrors come in different shapes to suit either single basins or double basins. For example, you can choose between arch, round, oval, or rectangular shape.

Our gorgeous Sydney showroom has everything you need for a bathroom renovation from start to finish. Because we do renovation projects ourselves, we understand firsthand what do you need in your space or how to make that bathroom work for you. Come and visit our showroom for great renovation ideas and inspiration. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, ensuite, or powder room, give us a call, and let’s book you in for an appointment.

Blackwood timber vanity

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