Bondi Luxe Apartment

Clients often ask us: "how can we achieve the right flow in our home design?"

What does flow even mean?

For us as designer a good flow means a house that has a logical layout with good connection between spaces, creating a well-thought-out home that works exactly how you want it to.

The flow is like a thread that connect all the pieces together

from the big elements to the fine details.

In this unit renovation in Bondi we have decided to use repetitive motifs as elements that creates connectivity within the different spaces


Polyurethane finishes, Polytec Timber grain look and stone were chosen as element through out the design>/p>


Custom made vanities : combination of Solid surface tops and custom made joinery.

Colour combination:

Monochromatic , White and Grey with the additional timber grain

Tiles selection:

marble look in both kitchen and bathrooms

Clean and minimalist look:

throughout the different spaces

Barn doors:

to bathrooms,laundry and corridors

kitchen in bondi
white kitchen
free standing bath
frameless shower glass
solid surface vanity
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