Why We Can’t Stop Thinking About Stone Baths

Stone Bath

Why We Can’t Stop Thinking About Stone Baths

The best part of designing a new bathroom is researching and sourcing all the fixtures that will bring a beautiful design together. One of the things most of us need to choose is the bathtub. We have previously talked about different bathtub styles in general but this time the limelight shines on stone baths.

Stone baths are a completely different category from more widely known acrylic baths. The beauty of these baths is that there are a few colour options available to create a natural look. Also, the bath shape is usually organic. Whether it is a round shape or oval, it will find a nice place in many bathrooms. Curves and rounded corners add softness.

One thing to keep in mind for your bathroom renovation is that stone baths usually come in freestanding form, which means they almost always demand some free space around. So, if there is an empty corner or plenty of space under a gorgeous wide window, this is the spot where the gorgeous  bath would be the happiest.

Some baths have even a tactile feel to them. When you go with your hand over the surface, it feels rough and almost rustic.

A Stone bath can be the hero of the bathroom. It will stand out and draw attention to it. To complement the stone bath, you can buy a beautiful floor-standing spout or bath set for a more luxurious look.

Stone Bath
Black Stone Bath
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