Some time ago we posted a blog about tiles and what are the main differences between different tile types and how to choose the best tiles for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.
In this blog we are concentrating more on popular tile choices, the patterns that you can create with different tiles, trendy colours etc.

Choosing perfect tiles is intimidating because you want to have everything right – the colour, the size, the shape, the texture and how it makes you feel. This decision is something that shouldn’t be made quickly without any thought. Wall and floor tiles are something that will set the tone in your bathroom or kitchen and you will work other colours, items and accessories around that.

We all know that renovating a bathroom or kitchen isn’t very cheap exercise, so most of us are planning on doing it for many years to come and therefore it is important to see things in long term. It is easy to get confused about the massive amount of information on the internet about trends and ideas, but always try to see the bigger picture and trust your personal taste rather than fashionable fads that are a changing every season.

Colours can make a big difference in your home. You can either choose great colours that will compliment your home or sometimes you can choose something that will harm the overall theme by overshadowing some important elements in your home and so on.

In most cases you are renovating for your own home, which means you will be spending a lot of time in these rooms and you would want these areas to be of relaxation, but also energy, motivation and inspiration.
Colours that will always work are neutral colours like different shades of whites, greys and light browns. This is an earthy colour palette which will go beautifully with other complimenting colours. For example, if you like earthy tones, you can add accents of greens or clay colour old pink hues which go with greys perfectly well, especially when you’re opting to use natural stone elements.

Green Wall Tiles

More and more you can see metallic colour splash making the room look trendy and futuristic that goes very well with minimalism idea. If you like something luxurious, why not something like bronze or brass. But keep in mind, everything in moderation.
Currently different shades of blues and greens are dominating the colour palette. Either you’re looking for something pastel or something deeper and edgier, you will find something that will work for you.

Having different textures and finishes can make a big difference even if you decide to be modest with the colour palette. Don’t be afraid to mix matte and glossy tiles. Or if you really love some colour, consider a feature wall that will be a standout wall and all other walls will be muted to give all the attention to this one wall.
Glossy tiles are a great option to reflect natural light, for example a great idea is to use white glossy tiles on a feature wall and all other tiles matte.

Grey Glossy Subway Tiles White Square Glossy Tiles

Let's talk about tile shapes and patterns.

Some of the very popular tile shapes include geometrical shapes like Hexagon, Subway, Penny Round Tiles, Square and something more specific like Lanterns etc.


Hexagon tile has become very popular. Either small hexagon tiles as a splashback or bigger scale tiles on the floor.
A quite popular option is to use Porcelain Hexagon tiles for a Marble look.
Working with these tiles can be a bit challenging, so make sure you have an experienced tiler.

Big Hexagon Floor Tiles
white-glossy-hexagon wall tile Hexagon Wall and Floor Tiles


Subway tiles are rectangular shape tiles. These tiles have been around for a very long time and have made a successful comeback into interior design. They have this vintage vibe but in the right atmosphere, it can be edgy and contemporary. Industrial looking trends are something to keep your eye on.

Subway tiles can be laid in a couple of options.
For example, a very popular option is in Herringbone style. As the name suggests, it imitates fish bones. Separate rectangle shaped tiles are laid down in the shape of a fish bone. Again, this technique is a bit time consuming so make sure your tiler is professional.

It can also come as a mosaic tile, where small subway tiles are already laid in a herringbone pattern on a mesh, which makes it easier to handle.

Another way to use the subway tiles is in a brick pattern. You can either have them like a classic brick wall or stock them on top of each other in columns.

Subway Tiles
Subway Tile in Herringbone Style


Penny Round Tiles can also come in different sizes.
Usually, we are talking about small round tiles and it would be a nightmare to install all these little pieces separately, so they come as a mosaic tile on a mesh back.
It is a very popular style for kitchen or laundry splashbacks and feature walls.

It can also be used on the floor, but in that case we recommend to use epoxy grout, which is waterproof and very durable compared to cement grout.

If you want an edgy look, go for a contrasting grout to make the round tile details pop.

Small Penny Round Tiles


Square tiles have always been one of the most popular tiles and they come either in a big scale for example for floors or small scale for feature wall and those who love symmetry will love these tiles.

They are very versatile and can be made of porcelain, ceramic or natural stone.

Also they way they can be laid, is versatile, either stock them in a pile or turn them diagonally.

Small Square Wall Tiles


Lanterns are all about Old World charm. These Moroccan style tiles can be a great feature wall, but make sure they will go together with the overall style of your home.

Lantern Tiles
Lantern Style Wall Tiles


Fish Scale tiles look exactly what the name says. Beautiful choice in bathrooms and has a dreamy connotation to it.

Common colours used in this tile, are blues and greens that imitate the colour of waves.

You can either use different tones together to get an ocean like colour palette or use only one tone to make the look subtle.

Fish Scale Wall Tiles
When it comes to trends we recommend going with colours and themes that will stand the time. Keep in mind that bold patterns and colours can look amazing in interior design magazine but when you need to see the lavish art on the walls or floor every single day, you might get tired of it eventually.

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