Tips for Designing a Laundry

Tips for Designing a Laundry

When we are thinking about renovating our home, laundry is not the first room we think about. We only think about it as something that needs to be done in order to fit with the rest of the house.

We usually don't think about expensive tiles or tapware in the laundry because it is not a priority and fair enough, but you can still make this area attractive, practical, and aesthetically beautiful.

The same design floor between the laundry and the bathroom - This is a great way to show the flowing design throughout a couple of rooms and bringing different areas into one design concept.

Think of storage - Laundry is a practical space and it is very useful to have lots of storage, so you can store everything from dirty laundry to all cleaning equipment. Try to think about different sizes of cupboards, shelves, or spaces for long items like brooms and bulkier items like vacuum cleaners or clothes rack, etc.

Open layout - If you have the opportunity to design your laundry in an area where the doors open to outside, that will be great. A laundry room needs good ventilation due to the humidity and having the option to keep the doors open for fresh air, is fantastic. If you don't have this option, make sure to have good ventilation in this area.

Feature wall - Sometimes all you need is a small area of favorite tiles to attract the eye.

You can keep everything else muted and modest and emphasize this one little area behind the sink with some exciting pattern or colorful tile.

Keep the storage places hidden - Use sliding doors, roller doors that you can easily pull down, or Bi-fold doors.

You want everything to be easily accessible but at the same time out of your eyesight.

If the area is very tiny, think about stacking a washing machine and a drier on top of each other - it's a great idea to save some space.

If you put a washing machine or a dryer behind the cupboard doors, it will also reduce the noise when the machines are working - always a bonus.

Benchtop - Whether you choose to use a Stone top, Timber top, or Polyurethane top, there are so many options and variations that can add this extra design feature to the whole look.

Usually, Poly benchtops are a little cheaper in costs, but in the long term when the benchtop gets tired, you need to install a whole new top, whereas, with a timber top, you can just sand it, seal it and it will last you for a very long time.

European Laundry - Sometimes we can't have the whole room or area for laundry, so it's a good idea to take a little bit of space from a kitchen or hallway and tuck everything inside a closet or cupboard.

This little space has usually room for a washing machine and a drier (you can stack them), a small sink, broom, ironing board, and some shelves for washing powders, etc.

Lighting - Make sure you have good spotlights in the laundry area, so you can see the stains clearly.

Sink - Opt for a small but deep sink for handwashing.

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