Challenging Bathroom Spaces?

Sloping bathroom ceiling

Challenging Bathroom Spaces?

Most of us are very used to working with square areas where all the walls are the same height and shape, but how does it look like working with spaces that are more challenging and need some creative thinking? Let's have a look.

One thing to remember that applies to all spaces with irregular shapes of storage space, corners, and recessed shelves is that the overall look can come across as untidy and cluttered. Usually, it's not really about how many things you have, but more about how can you make space look brighter, lighter, and welcoming.

In many cases, it is very hard to find fixtures like vanity to fit in a specific space, have the specific measurements, configuration, and look. And therefore a custom-made timber vanity or shaving cabinet is a great investment.

Light wall color expands the room and makes it feel light. A good shaving cabinet and vanity that suits your personal needs is very important to store all your bathroom items and keep the countertops from cluttering. The amazing thing is that you can design your vanity the way you want to suit your lifestyle and habits, not another way around.

Some of the things that we love in this bathroom

  • American Oak hardwood vanity with two top finger pull doors on the right side and two drawers on the left side.
  • Stone top - Snow.
  • Off-set basin above the doors.
  • The basin is raised rectangular in shape with slightly round corners and made of composite stone.
  • Brushed Brass Tapware.
  • Walk-in shower.

When looking at the before and after image, you can see how much difference the right fixtures, color, and accessories can make in a bathroom design.

Sloping bathroom ceiling
walk in shower
Brass shower tapware
brass round shower combo
custom timber vanity
brass gooseneck basin mixer
bathroom toilet
before & after bathroom renovation

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