Terrazzo Tile Is Making a Comeback

Terrazzo Look Tile

Terrazzo Tile Is Making a Comeback

Terrazzo tile is one of the most striking and eye-catching tiles there is. It can be bold and make a statement in your bathroom or it can be modest to add just enough interest in the design.

Terrazzo tile is made of recycled glass pieces, marble, quartz, and some other ingredients that give the tile a unique pattern.

There are many things that make this tile very favourable. For example, it is very durable, and it comes in so many different colour variations.

This tile style is also favoured by many designers when designing kitchens. Some of the fantastic attributes include being heat resistant and easy to clean.

Terrazzo look has made a strong comeback from the 1920s when Art Deco grew in popularity. Now you can see it everywhere – on bathroom floors, walls, or both. The only thing to remember is that depending on the density of the pattern, it can get too busy if other elements in the same space are also bold. In this case, make this tile a focal point of your bathroom and make the other elements around it modest – tapware, basin, mirror and so on.

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