Sydney Mirror Cabinet

Sydney Mirror Cabinet

Sydney Mirror Cabinet

Our Sydney Mirror Cabinet is one of our bestselling shaving cabinets and is loved by so many happy customers.

Why do we love Sydney Mirror Cabinet so much? The answer is easy. It is very practical, and it just looks so good. This cabinet can be made with one mirror door or more depending on the size of the mirror cabinet.

It is a great option for those who love displaying some beautiful items in the bathroom. It can be a scented candle, a beautiful perfume bottle, or tiny dried flowers in a beautiful vase.

This mirror cabinet configuration will have bottom finger pull mirror doors which means no fingerprints on the glass doors!

The inside of the Sydney mirror cabinet is generous in size and the timber shelves are adjustable. That means that you can even fit some longer items inside. We also love the idea of power points inside the cabinet, so you can charge your toothbrushes.

All our timber vanities and timber mirror cabinets are customizable. Come and have a look at Sydney mirror cabinet style at our beautiful Belrose showroom. And if you have any questions about the timber furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sydney Mirror Cabinet
Sydney Mirror Cabinet
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