Stone Benchtops vs Timber Benchtops for Your Bathroom Vanity

Timber Benchtop Vanity

Stone Benchtops vs Timber Benchtops for Your Bathroom Vanity

One of the most common questions we get asked about our custom-made timber vanities is about the top surface. Whether stone benchtops are better than timber benchtops?

When it comes to choosing the right countertop finish for your bathroom vanity, you have a few options to consider. But before you make this decision, think about your bathroom style, who will be using it, and what are of your personal preferences.

Although timber vanities and mirror cabinets have become increasingly popular in a bathroom, ensuite, or powder room design, people are still wary of the timber elements in wet area settings.

We all know that bathrooms that have a shower or a bath can become humid and steamy. But remember, your vanity won’t be in the shower or in a place where water directly touches the vanity walls. Timber is a natural material and that means you need to be a little careful when taking care of it but with stone benchtops, the stone is the layer that will protect your vanity.

We have years of experience dealing with timber and stone products and it really comes down to individual households.



-       Practicality. Stone benchtops are a very smart choice for kids’ bathroom vanity or guests’ vanity. Although timber products are fully sealed with clear sealants, you can’t leave water puddles sitting on the timber top because water will penetrate into the timber after some time and leave dark marks.

Remember, kids can be messy. No matter what the age, kids will be kids. Think about all the toothpaste marks, water splashes, hair gels, hot hair straighteners, and so on.

The stone top will protect the vanity and you don’t have to worry about wiping the surface down every time somebody uses the bathroom. The stone layer is also scratch-resistant which is always a bonus.


-       The cost. When timber vanity is made, it doesn’t come with a stone top. This is a separate cost from the vanity. You can either choose an offcut, which means you can get the stone benchtops at a cheaper price or you can choose a specific stone that you like but can cost more.

A TIP – If you are renovating your kitchen at the same time, and are looking for kitchen benchtops, it makes sense to buy a whole stone slab that will cover your kitchen bench top and also your vanity bench top.



-       Aesthetics. We love everything timber. Having a timber top creates this welcoming warm feel in your bathroom that might get a little lost with stone benchtops. You already have cool surfaces like tiles on the walls and floors, so it just makes sense to balance that cold feeling with something natural and textural like timber.


-       Careful maintenance. Having said that don’t think it is hard work to keep the timber top neat and damage-free. How many adults do you know are washing their face in the basin so vigorously that water will be splashing right and left leaving chaos behind? Hmm, we are pretty sure that doesn’t happen very often. So just make sure you wipe the vanity top dry after using it and you will be fine.

As you can see there is no one straightforward answer to this question. You really need to think about who will be using the bathroom and what are their habits. Some people choose stone benchtops for more practical reasons, other love the timber tops for the aesthetics and how it makes you feel in the bathroom. We are all different.

If you are not sure which one to choose for your bathroom design, have a look at our projects with different style bathrooms, or come and visit us in our beautiful Sydney showroom. Here you can find gorgeous timber vanities on display with and without stone benchtops.

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