Maximizing space in small bathroom renovation project

Gunmetal tapware

Maximizing space in small bathroom renovation project

When it comes to designing a large bathroom, the number of ideas we have is endless, but designing a small bathroom?! Well, that tends to be a bit more challenging.

In order to "manipulate" space and create a flow that makes sense, the first thing to do is a case study of the room and its usage.

  • Who will use the space? (family members/guests?)
  • How often and when?
  • Habits and must-haves (what is important for you)

Questions like those and more are the basis for the decision-making and floor plan.

In this small family bathroom, we had to utilize the space very carefully in order to include two main elements that were very important for the client: one being a freestanding bathtub and the latter is a wow factor - both were considered as "must-have" due to the fact that you could see glances of the bathroom from the staircase.

The pallet here is neutral, the beautiful free-standing bath is opposite the door and the toilet is hidden.

A solid surface wall hung basin doesn't take a lot of room and instead of vanity, all things can be stored in the shaving cabinet.

The best part though is the floor - how is that for a wow factor! 3 different shades of Grey Hexagon tile is laid in a "spill" pattern which wasn't random at all (we had to play with it for a good hour in order to get the desired result).

Gunmetal tapware
wall hung basin
wall mixers

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