Romantic Shaker Style Kitchen Vibes

Shaker style kitchen

Romantic Shaker Style Kitchen Vibes

If there is a kitchen where you can imagine yourself cooking a feast for your family and guests, then this is it!

The function of the kitchen has changed over time, so it's not only a place where you cook for your family, but it has become a place for social gatherings. This is why open kitchen layout has become very popular. By eliminating walls that break different rooms, you invite your guests to be part of a conversation. We are all social creatures and having a conversation with your partner, kids or friends while cooking in the kitchen adds an element of being included.

Things we love about this Shaker Style Kitchen:

  • You can never go wrong with timber floors! In this case, if you think timber floors seem a bit too bare, add an interesting rug that not only does it keep your feet warm, it also creates a very home-like feel.
  • White cabinets look like a part of the wall, making the room look visually bigger.
  • The accent colour is added to the kitchen island body. Charcoal Grey is a great colour to introduce next to whites, because it's not a 'splash of colour' but gives enough contrast to create interest.
  • The kitchen island is long enough and from a practical point of view - it creates a lot of extra space for food preparation and your friends can sit around the table with a cup of hot tea.
  • Gunmetal Goose Neck Kitchen mixer goes beautifully with stainless steel appliances.
  • Storage space! How important it is to have all your jars and herbs nicely organised in their designated place.
  • Gorgeous marble splashback connects the grey kitchen island and white cupboards.
  • Romantic pendant lights and a chandelier create the perfect mood.
Shaker style kitchen
Big kitchen island
grey-blue kitchen joinery
Open kitchen design
Gunmetal kitchen mixer
Kitchen bin drawer

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