Renovating a Bathroom or a Kitchen for Investment Property

Renovating a Bathroom or a Kitchen for Investment Property

Renovating a bathroom or a kitchen for investment property

There are a different set of rules when coming to renovate a kitchen or a bathroom in a rental property than applies to renovating your own.

When you renovating the kitchen in your home, your only limitation is your budget but for a rental property, you need to make more general considerations.

Design and style

Different people have different tastes and preferences so you should think about what would better appeal and be more acceptable to the widest possible range of individuals.

Stay away from “new trend” and choose well proven styles and neutral colour scheme


Choose hard wearing, durable and water resisting materials

Choose surfaces that can hide any imperfection that may occur with time such as scratches and stains.

Try to stay away from gloss finishes , light and solid colours and chose more “stone like “ patterns and darker colours

  • Functionality : “user friendly” is the name of the game
  • Don’t get too emotional with the renovation and stay focused – don’t be tempted to overspend and over capitalised
  • Consult a professional – designer, builder, property manger or real estate agent to name few, make sure you talk to someone you trust to provide you with the best information in order to make all calculated decisions regarding your choices

How can we help?

Come and meet our team… Talk to us – we have a huge experience in designing and renovating a full range of properties for home owners , investors and developers.

Each home has been designed using the most practical and cost effective features, materials and products to ensure the home will appeal to a wide range of tenants and won’t be expensive for you to maintain.

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