Innovative Bathroom Renovations Ideas To Design Your Bathroom Space

bathroom renovation

Innovative Bathroom Renovations Ideas To Design Your Bathroom Space

A home renovation can add a significant impact to the value of your biggest asset. A modern bathroom and kitchen space can dramatically enhance the appeal of your home.

While remodeling your house, it is ideal to choose the right design, layouts, color palettes, fixtures, and amenities that reflect your personal style. On the whole, it must deliver comfort or soothe you after a long busy day.

After thorough research and planning, we have listed a few bathroom renovations ideas to turn a boring place into a relaxing and luxurious retreat. Keep these ideas in your mind, while designing your dream space.

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1. Have An Efficient Plan

If you have a super small bathroom, configuring the sink and toilet, allowing space for a shower, and trying to fit amenities into your space can be challenging.

So before ripping out the first tile, analyze what you want to achieve out of your remodelling project along with the budget cost. If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a personal home spa, spacious spa tub, attractive shower head, decorative items, colorful shower curtains, scented candles should be at the top of your wish list.

If you remodel your bathroom for your growing family, adequate storage and space will be required that suits the need of your entire family.

Have a clear idea to remodel your area into a fully functional bathroom.

bathroom renovation

2. Install Shower, Vanity & Other Fittings

When it comes to selecting your shower, you have a lot of options to consider - mixer shower, exposed rain shower with multi-setting shower heads, massage showers, waterfall shower, electric shower with brass shower heads, and much more.

Install a corner sink for best utilizing the limited space. Mount a custom-made timber vanity above the floor to open up space for a modern look. You can also use decorative brass tapware over a fire clay sink for bringing a fresh approach to your laundry space.

Go beyond a typical budget shower and try choosing an alcove tub, under-mount tub, freestanding and Japanese soaking tub, Jacuzzi setups, oval and rectangular tubs for a unique attraction. Replace your dirty bath mat with Turkish and Persian rugs. Hung a mirror across the wall and get attractive countertop accessories with refined textures and hues. Exhibit a trendy piece of your favorite artwork. Instead of harsh air fresheners, use soothing scents and aromatic fragrances to keep up the bathroom ambiance.

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3. Upgrade The Lighting

Apart from elegant finishes, great lighting can play a major role in creating a refreshing and welcoming space.

Since the bathroom has limited access to natural lighting, add attractive light settings to improve the mood of the area. The use of LED lights not only provides a visually pleasing environment but also makes the experience more relaxing. If you plan to use downlights, position them along the sides of the room to avoid shadows. Consider using a dimmer switch to adjust the overall lighting based on your mood.

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