How to Use Tile Texture in Your Bathroom Design?

Tiles texture

How to Use Tile Texture in Your Bathroom Design?

Tile texture, like colour, can make or break the design. It’s an important element that can take your design concept to another level. When we talk about texture, we talk about the tactile texture that you can feel to the touch but also visual texture.

One way how to incorporate texture in a bathroom is through wall tiles, floor tiles and feature tiles or other ceramic tiles.

Stone tile or stone-look tile is always intriguing and offers a texture and depth. Especially when accompanied by white walls tiles. 3D textures and marble-effect tiles are another way to create a focal point. That can be done in either a classic or a contemporary design.

Texture creates shadows and uneven colour patches that make your bathroom walls or floor alive and create movement. We love little imperfections in the tiles.

For example, sometimes it looks good when the tile is machine cut (laser cut) and looks very straight. It creates a very modern and symmetric feel. Other times you want to see a subway tile that is handmade cut and uneven Because in real life things are rarely perfect.

Tile texture is noticeable from a distance and adds a layer of depth. It creates shadows, unevenness and colour patches that bring the walls to life.

Floor tiles that imitate a stone look will bring a great deal of nature into your bathroom. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also feels amazing when you walk on them.

Research shows that when we walk outdoors barefoot on pebbles, sand, or grass, anything that is tactile, it stimulates our nerves that release an enzyme that makes us happy and relaxed. Incorporating tactile elements in your design would promise a much more Zen environment.

Tile texture has also a safety element to it because it is not as slippery as a tile with a smooth face.

In this bathroom tiles are not the only elements that are textured. Beautiful Wormy Chestnut timber vanity is made of solid wood, and it feels warm to the touch.  

The nude colour rough-textured concrete basin is a fantastic feature and ties beautifully with the floor tile and the custom-made timber vanity.

Don't be afraid to let your senses guide you - be brave to choose tile texture in your bathroom especially when colours are not in use.

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