Internal Configuration of 'JUST IN PLACE' Vanities & Mirror Cabinets

Timber Veneer Internals

Internal Configuration of 'JUST IN PLACE' Vanities & Mirror Cabinets

We have talked about the different types of timber you can choose for your custom made timber vanities, but there are a lot of small details regarding the internal configuration of the vanity that you can’t see from the outside.

Timber Vanities

Internal material - timber veneer for the internal drawers and mirror cabinet backing.

The internal configuration changes from unit to unit depending on the overall configuration of the vanity.

Basin Location and Waste Cut

Define if you have one or two basins and also the required location - the basin can be centered over the vanity or it can be offset to the right/left.

Once we know the position of the basin, we will create the waste space inside the drawer according to the basin location.

For example, there can be a single basin on a double vanity located in the center above the drawers. In this case, the waste cut for the plumbing will be centered behind the timber veneer stack and not cut inside the drawer.

If the basin is offset above the drawer, there will be a waste cut out inside the drawer.

When the timber vanity has a door, it will have an adjustable shelf that you can take out completely or just adjust the height to fit everything inside.

Internal Drawer Option

If you want, you can have an additional internal drawer inside the drawer.

That is a fantastic feature for some extra space and storing make-up or jewelry.

Internal 'divider' Option

An additional 'divider' can be added to the drawer so you can have things in separate compartments. A perfect option for those who like things neat and tidy in their drawer.

Adjustable Internal Shelves in Mirror Cabinets

All our timber mirror cabinets have adjustable internal shelves behind every mirror door to fit different height creams and bottles.

Our customa made bathroom timber furniture is made from solid wood. The quality speaks for itself, and we welcome you to come and visit us in our beautiful Sydney showroom to be inspired for your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Timber drawer

Centered Basin Waste Cutout in 'Banksia' Timber Vanity 

Timber Veneer Internals

Timber Veneer Internal Drawer Parts

Timber Vanity Internals

'Lilly' Timber Vanity Center Basin Waste Stack

Timber Drawer

Timber Vanity Drawer

Timber Vanity Drawer
Timber Vanity Drawers and a Door
Hidden Drawer

Hidden Drawer Inside Another Drawer

Timber Mirror Cabinet

Timber Mirror Cabinet has Adjustable Internal Shelves

Timber Shaving Cabinet

Plenty of Storage Space in a Mirror Cabinet

Internal shelves

Adjustable Internal Shelves for Different Height Items

Black Mirror Cabinet

Black Stained Timber Mirror Cabinet

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