Fantastic Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Tiles

Fantastic Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Usually, when we want to remodel a bathroom, we want something different, something trendy or more appealing. Something that is different from what we had before. This is also a good time to make some smart decisions when it comes to bathroom tile ideas.

It’s not only about the bathroom fixtures or tapware or what colour tile you want to have. It's about how to use all things in a way that elevates your end result. When talking about a small bathroom, there are usually some limited options you can play around with. Unless you are moving some structural element like a wall or window, you need to work with what you have and make the most out of it.

Having bathroom tile ideas is one of the best ways you can make a difference in your bathroom, and we will tell you why.

Carefully selected tiles will set the mood in your small space. Lighter tiles will create a visually bigger room, whereas darker tiles make it smaller. Also, the tile shape and size are important. Longer tiles have an effect that is extending, and the round or square shape tile tightens the area. Also, think about the grout. The grout has the power to emphasize the tile when using a contrasting grout. But it can also smooth and melt the grout colour with the tile colour so that the result is visually pleasing and uniform.

Smaller tiles are also easy to manipulate, especially on the floor. Floors need to have some gradients for your floor wastes. Therefore mosaic tiles are a fantastic option to work within smaller areas.

In this bathroom project, the beautiful gloss white kit-kat mosaic tile with white grout is used on the walls. The bathroom tile idea wasn’t to lift the tile, but rather to blend it with other white walls and create a visual texture. Stacked in a vertical pattern, the tile is pointing upwards, creating visually longer walls. This is again a very helpful bathroom design trick to know when renovating a small bathroom. On the floor, we have a Charcoal small penny round mosaic tile with a matt finish. We love the glossy vs matt finish play. The matt floor tile creates a grounded and safe feel.

To top all that, we have a gorgeous 1200mm Lilly timber vanity made of American Oak. The vanity has four drawers, and the top ones are shallow, and the bottom ones are deeper. Pure White stone top on top of the bathroom vanity protects the timber and melts into the white walls. This is creating a crisp fresh feeling.

If you are not sure which bathroom tile ideas to use for your small bathroom renovation, get in contact with us. Our friendly team will help you guide you through the process.

Small Bathroom Tiles
White kit-kat wall tile
Solid Surface Counter Basin
Round Brass Shower Combo

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