Elevate Your Bathroom Vanity Game With Textured Panels

Groove Timber Vanity

Elevate Your Bathroom Vanity Game With Textured Panels

There are so many ways you can introduce texture into your bathroom. Whether it’s an uneven wall tile, tactile basin, or a woven rug – they all add depth to the whole look.

One of our favorite ways to up the texture game is to introduce a groove timber vanity into the design. We love all timber vanities, but the vertical battens on the drawer panels are another new level. The idea that some pieces of timber are sticking out, creating almost a 3D effect, is amazing. Combine this with an idea that the whole furniture unit is custom made from a gorgeous Tasmanian Oak timber, makes our heart beat faster.

The main bathroom timber vanity is 900mm long and the en suite vanity is 1200mm long. The smaller vanity has two deep drawers and the bigger one three drawers. What we like about this design, is that the groove panels on the front of the drawers look like one big uniform panel. Thanks to the vertical battens you can’t see where one drawer ends and the other one starts.

Tasmanian Oak is considered mostly a light-colored timber with not too many timber variations, lines, spots, and imperfections. It makes it the best choice for this style of vanity where the battens are clearly distinguished, making the pattern dominant.

Not sure how does it look like in real life? Come and visit us in our Sydney showroom where we have amazing custom hardwood vanities on display in different styles. When you see it and feel it, you know what we are talking about!

Groove Timber Vanity
Tasmanian Oak Groove Timber Vanity
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Tasmanian Oak Timber Vanity

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