Beauty In Stone – A Contemporary Kitchen Revamp

Black groove vanity

Beauty In Stone – A Contemporary Kitchen Revamp

Contemporary kitchen designs are a big thing in renovation world and it is also great to see that people are experimenting more with colours, patterns and materials.

The word 'contemporary' has somewhat changed over time. In the past, we used to think immediately about the white, grey and black colour scheme that can look 'cold' and very minimalistic. These colours will always stay classy and ageless, but now we are thinking more about how to add some warmth, character and excitement into the mix. It's about making the space feel welcoming and interesting.

Never before has design played such a big role in the renovation process. By introducing interesting elements like popping colours, unique furniture pieces or adding nature-like accents with timber, stone, concrete etc., we are taking the 'contemporary' style to a whole new level.

In this kitchen project, you can see a mix of playfulness and modesty, which creates a perfect blend.

Things that we love:

  • White flat panels on cabinets to let other features in the kitchen shine. Did you notice how top cabinets don't have handles but bottom cabinets have?!
  • All doors are drawers are soft closing.
  • Corner pantry for all the winter goodies and jars.
  • Bin drawer - sometimes underestimated, but when incorporated into the design, it looks great, has its own place and is easily accessible.
  • The Black v-groove bar island panel adds contrast and texture.
  • Gorgeous stone with light grey lines adds movement - the same stone is used for bar island top and for splashback.
  • Small but important details like designer bar stools, timber bowls and cutting trays - little things matter.
Black groove vanity
kitchen layout
kitchen stone splash back
kitchen cabinets

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