Bathroom Feature Wall in Herringbone Style

Bathroom feature tile

Bathroom Feature Wall in Herringbone Style

Let us talk about two very similar ways how to create a feature tile pattern on the wall. You have probably seen these styles in many interior design magazines or Pinterest photos but never really knew the name of it because it is easy to confuse with another popular style Chevron.

These two patterns can be seen on the fabrics, tiles, hardwood floors, etc., but here we are concentrating on the feature tile.

Chevron style is a upside-down zig-zag pattern, where all the edges meet other tile's edges at the point creating an uninterrupted flow.

Herringbone pattern, on the other hand, consists of rectangular size tiles (Subway tile) that are laid in a way where one tile meets another tile's edge in a perpendicular manner creating an interruption or cut-off. So this way there is no seamless flow and you can see the tile edges.

Sometimes we don't really think about the difference between those two styles, but a keen eye can tell from a distance that they are different and also create a different feel. Choosing a color and the finish of your tile is important, but it is also important to understand how you present the tile on the wall or on the floor, whether you want to draw attention to the grout lines or not, whether you like a seamless look or more abstract. So many choices.

Some of the other things we love in this bathroom

  • American oak timber vanity with two drawers and a white stone top.
  • American Oak shaving cabinet with two mirror doors and an open shelf.
  • Small Round raised solid surface basin
  • Wall tile - matte white and feature tile is gloss white. Although generally the same color tile was used (white), we love the idea of combining matte and glossy finishes to give more depth to the bathroom.
  • Brushed brass tapware and accessories.

Learn more about different tile shapes and patterns in this blog post.

Bathroom feature tile
Custom made timber vanity
custom timber vanity

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