Why Brushed Nickel Tap Ware is such a popular choice?

Brushed Nickel Goose Neck Bath spout

Why Brushed Nickel Tap Ware is such a popular choice?

Do you remember the times when there was for tapware only one colour option available and it was Chrome?! Well, we've come a long way into a world of colours and interesting finishes. Chrome is still an option for many households but when Brushed Nickel hit the market, it was determined to dethrone good old Chrome.

They are a couple of reasons why Brushed Nickel has been a very successful colour in bathroom design. First the look - Brushed Nickel tapware looks light grey and has a brushed finish. This is particularly a good plus if you're worried about fingerprints or water splash marks. Another positive side is that the brushed finish looks more expensive than Chrome but the price is still affordable. Chrome on the other hand can look a little outdated, maybe it's the shiny look that catches your eye the moment you walk into a bathroom. Also, depending on what style are you going for, Chrome might not blend in so easily.

So if you still like the classy look but want something subtle and elegant, Brushed Nickel is a fantastic choice.

Some of the things we love in this bathroom:

  • Brushed Nickel Tap Ware. Did you notice the Goose Neck Swivel bath spout? Such an interesting alternative to the classic wall spout.
  • Thermal rails to keep your towels toasty and ready to use - no more 'ladder type' railing.
  • Glossy white round porcelain basin with offset location.
  • 1200mm Wormy Chestnut timber vanity - Drawers on the left, where the top drawer is shallow and the bottom drawer is steep and doors on the right under the basin.
  • Timber stool - A beautiful complimenting addition to timber vanity. Use it as a candle stand, as a place for a glass of wine and a great book or as a base for a green luscious plant.
Wormy Chestnut Timber Vanity
White round basin
Drop in bath tub
Brushed Nickel Goose Neck Bath spout

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