Splash of Brass in Yoga Studio

Splash of Brass in Yoga Studio

We were very excited to be part of this gorgeous BodyMindLife Yoga Studio project run by Ferique, an architect and creative force behind the overall design.

She used sacred geometry and healing architecture to create a relaxing and welcoming space for everybody.

We provided all Brushed Brass Tapware like Wall Spouts, Wall Mixers and everything you need for the Shower like Shower Arms, Round Shower Heads and Accessories like Hooks etc to complement the design concept.

The studio is mostly light/white and Brushed Brass is a gorgeous choice for a splash of colour. It also goes beautifully with natural wooden details like a bench or sandy colour floor tiles.

Vogue Australia named their new BodyMindLife home as one of the most beautiful fitness centres in Australia. How exciting is that!

Next time we need some 'Me Time', we know where to go!

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