Bathroom Vanity Between Two Walls

Timber Vanity Between The Walls

Bathroom Vanity Between Two Walls

It is already a challenge to find a bathroom vanity that you really love and want but finding one that needs to fit perfectly between two walls, can become a mission impossible.

Off-the-shelf vanities can offer some flexibility in terms of the look and the size, but usually, they come in standard sizes and can’t be changed. So, finding a piece that will work beautifully with your bathroom décor and style, might take some time.

This is something nobody really has, time. When renovating the bathroom, you need to sort out your basin so you can rough in the basin taps or a mixer. It doesn’t matter whether the basin is a ‘sit on top’ basin, recessed basin, undermount basin or a wall hung basin. The basin will be connected to the vanity. Every design decision is connected to another one.

A custom-made vanity is a great option for exactly these kinds of situations, where space is limited and side walls dictate your vanity size. It means that the bathroom vanity will be made exactly to fit between two walls. There is no such thing as standard size when you custom make your furniture piece.

Sometimes we get asked whether the vanity can be a little smaller than the space it needs to fit in. Our recommendation is no. If the bathroom vanity between two walls is smaller, it needs to have a decent size gap on each side. From the aesthetic point of view, it wouldn’t look as good as to be exactly fitted between the walls. In that case, the stone top is also perfectly cut to go from one wall to another and properly sealed to avoid any water damage.

One more thing to keep in mind with custom timber vanities is that you can choose the configuration that you like. For more storage aim for a combination of doors and drawers. For display, opt for some open shelves.

If you want to custom make your bathroom vanity between two walls, contact us for more information and for a friendly chat.

Timber Vanity Between The Walls
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