When Travels Inspire You

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When Travels Inspire You

Do you remember those days when you were looking forward to your next travels? This exciting feeling of research, inspiration, and getting yourself into the right headspace?

We have always loved to travel and we always made sure that our next travel destination is colorful, inspiring, and different from what we are used to seeing and experiencing. For us traveling to a foreign country is not just a way to escape the desk full of papers, it's a journey. We are excited to see what will we discover, how can we use what we see and feel in our work. Travels are a constant source of inspiration. Even when you travel to the same place again, you will notice something new, something that will make your heart beat faster.

Morocco is definitely one of those exotic places that leave you wanting for some more. The food, the adventures, people, colors and textures, spices and smells - all those things have a story to tell.

Our client came to us with an idea to redo the whole house. Although the structural members weren't moved, nor demolished, a lot of work still needed to be done. The house needed a fresh up to date look and feel. Perhaps a new coat of paint here and there, a new decor because, well...it was time.

The client was also entitled to the new government scheme of homeowners building grant and was looking for a one-stop-place where everything from the initial design to the finished work can be done under one roof - Just In Place. And this is how our collaborative journey with the client started.

In our first meeting, our client had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. She painted a lovely image of muted light color palette with green and blue tones and soft blurry lines. We knew exactly where this pattern is heading, we were imagining the streets of Marrakech in front of our eyes and we knew that this is the piece of inspiration that will work for our client. This is how the travels should inspire all of us, small or big, there is always something that we can take from the amazing travel experience.

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