How Important Is Storage Space In A Bathroom?

Custom made timber mirror cabinet

How Important Is Storage Space In A Bathroom?

When it comes to storage space in a bathroom, the opinion of the crowd is divided. One half says "storage is everything" and the other half believes it's more important to avoid overcrowding the space. Let us tell you why we believe it is worth spending time thinking about storage when buying a new vanity and mirror cabinet or planning your new bathroom.

Storage has always been a hot topic when it comes to bathroom renovations, as getting it right can really improve the functionality of a bathroom. Think about who will be using the bathroom for example, and what are their needs and daily habits. If kids will be using this bathroom, they'll need accessible storage for toothbrushes or extra shelves or drawers to for bath toys or extra towels. If it's a powder room mainly used by guests, it's likely you wouldn't need much storage space at all.

Mirror Cabinets or Mirrors?

One question we get to ask a lot at Just In Place is why would one choose a mirror cabinet instead of a mirror. Of course, there is a big aesthetic difference. One is bulkier and the other one can be quite minimalist, but the more important thing is the practical side of it. We love the convenience of a cabinet, and at the end of the day, the last thing we want to think about is clearing the counter space of all the things that were dragged out of drawers and left on the counter. Because let's face it, things get brought into the bathroom and they don't always get put back in their place!

Mirror cabinets, also known as shaving cabinets, are fantastic pieces of furniture to use for hiding your bathroom knick-knacks. You can even put power points inside the doors to charge your electric toothbrush or electric shaver. They are also perfect for hiding your array of creams and serums and everything else you need at have close to hand. Mirror cabinets are all about easy access and make putting things back in their place quick and easy. And sometimes, every minute saved in the bathroom really does count.

What about shelves?

Another great idea is to use shelves, either fixed or floating, as they are great way to display a plants or decor items. Having some things on display will give some character to the bathroom - think beautiful candle jars, bath salts, maybe even some art pieces or dried flowers, the options are endless.

We all want the new bathroom to look amazing but these are the little things we sometimes tend to forget. So when you are planning to renovate your bathroom, think about practicality, how will you use the space day in day out, and make the decisions to reflect that.

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