How Important Is Storage Space In A Bathroom?

How Important Is Storage Space In A Bathroom?

When it comes to storage space in a bathroom, the crowd is divided into two. One half says storage is very important and another half says that there is no need to overcrowd the space. Let us tell you why we think it is worth to think about it when thinking of getting a vanity and mirror cabinet.

Storage space has always been a hot topic when renovating your bathroom. Think about who will be using the bathroom and what are their habits. If kids will be using it, they probably would need some shelves or drawers to put their extra towels in etc. If it's a powder room mainly used by guests, you wouldn't need much space.

One of the questions we get to ask a lot is why would one choose a mirror cabinet instead of a mirror. Of course there is a big aesthetic difference. One is bulkier and the other one minimalistic, but more important thing is the practical side of it. We love comfort and in the end of a day the last thing we want to think about, is to clean the counter space from all the things that were dragged out of drawers and left on the counter. Because lets face it, it will happen if you don't have storage in a convenient place.

Mirror cabinets / shaving cabinets are fantastic piece of furniture to use for hiding your bathroom knick knacks. You can even put power points inside the doors so you can charge your electric tooth brush or shaving machine etc, hide your creams and serums, hairspray etc. It is easy to get them and easy to put them back. It really does make a difference.

Another great idea is to use shelves, either fixed or floating, they are great to display items that you want to show and that will give some character to the bathroom - think beautiful candle jars, bath salts, maybe even some art pieces or dried flowers, the options are endless.

We all want the new bathroom to look amazing but these are the little things we sometimes tend to forget. So when you are planning to renovate your bathroom, think about practicality, how will you use the space day in day out and make the decisions to reflect all that.

    Some of the things we love in this project:

  • 1500mm Back to Wall bath tub with right corner.
  • American Oak Custom Made Timber Vanity - 900mm, one top finger pull door on the left and two finger pull drawers on the right. Basin off set on the left above the door.
  • American Oak Custom Made Mirror Cabinet - 1800mm, two push to open mirror doors, two open shelves on the left without backing.
  • Round Raised Solid Surface Basin.
  • Wall Niches with feature tile.

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