Bathroom Feature Walls in Herringbone Tile Pattern

Herringbone Tile Pattern

Bathroom Feature Walls in Herringbone Tile Pattern

The Herringbone tile pattern is one of the fabulous things you can do with tiles to make your bathroom stand out. Whether it is a tile shape, finish, colour, or laying method, every homeowner can find a way to make their bathroom renovation design stand out.

The herringbone pattern has been around for a while, and it isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. To create this gorgeous pattern, you would need subway shape tiles. Subway tiles come in various sizes – some tiles are narrow and long, the others are wider and smaller. Some styles have straight-cut edges, the others are looking more natural with uneven edges.

Tile finish is also another factor to consider. Perhaps you would prefer a gloss finish over a matt finish. Some tile styles have raised edges that are slightly darker than the tile itself. So, when the tile is laid on the wall, it creates an optical illusion of depth and 3D dimension.

After you have chosen your favourite subway tiles, your tiler will lay them on the wall or on the floor in a herringbone pattern. It means that all the tiles are laid at a precise ninety-degree angle.

This method is a great way to expand the bathroom space. The herringbone pattern creates a sense of direction that is not one-dimensional and therefore opens the space visually.

In the following project, the dark green subway tile has a slightly uneven ombre colour that plays beautifully with the light and shadows. The colour is slightly moody but not overpowering. The natural green colour works very well with dark Spotted Gum timber vanity and mirror cabinet and creates a cohesive flow.

Choosing the right tiles can be a little daunting because there are so many options out there. We are working with an amazing tile expert who can bring your vision to life. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or come and explore our beautiful bathroom and kitchen renovation showroom in Sydney for some tile inspiration.

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