American Oak Beauties – Custom Made Timber Vanity And Mirror Cabinet

solid timber vanity

American Oak Beauties – Custom Made Timber Vanity And Mirror Cabinet

Like with any natural product, it is impossible to predict how the end product will look like because there are so many variations and every item looks different. In terms of look, Oak can be quite predictable, which is good if you're looking for a light colour timber in your bathroom.

1400mm timber vanity has two-door on the side and two drawers in the middle on top of each other.

You probably know that the timber vanities can be made with a timber top or no top, which means that you can either choose a stone that will be installed on top of the vanity or like in this case here, you can purchase a Wall Hung Double Solid Surface Vanity, which has a dual purpose - it serves as basins and as a stone top.

If you need more storage, a mirror cabinet is a fantastic idea. It will hide all your small creams, toothbrushes, shaving machine, etc. You might not think about it at first, but later on the track, you'll see how small things will start accumulating on your vanity top.

We like the idea of using LED strip lights under the mirror cabinet and timber vanity. It almost adds another dimension to these elements and makes them really pop against dark grey tiles.

The corner bathtub doesn't waste any precious floor space and makes it easy to clean around it.

Some love colours in the bathroom, the others love a neutral colour palette. No matter what is your colour preferences, a timber vanity is always a fantastic choice!

solid timber vanity
wall hung solid surface basin
custom timber mirror cabinet
brushed nickel basin mixer
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