A Beautiful Accessible Bathroom Design

Accessible bathroom design

A Beautiful Accessible Bathroom Design

When designing a bathroom for people with restricted mobility, you need to take into account many different things that will make the day to day life easier and more comfortable.

Designing a disabled bathroom doesn't mean you need to compromise on design. It can still be beautiful but taking a few elements into consideration.

Generally, the bathroom would be located near to the bedroom and in this case, the bathroom has two wide doors for immediate access to the bedroom and to the common area such as the hallway. In this way, the helper can assist if needed. Also, the bathroom layout is important. There should be enough space to move around the fixtures and the wide-open shower is an important key element.

A small wall-hung basin with no underneath storage allows to move closer and it will also give support when lifting is needed.

The toilet needs to be at a convenient height, there should be enough space around it and the flush control buttons must be in a hand reach.

On different walls, there should be enough grab rails for support. Brushed Gunmetal Tapware has been chosen to match the color of the grab rails.

The slippery grade of the tiles should be properly checked so that the surface will be anti-slippery.

A wide shaving cabinet with a lot of mirrors reflects the light coming in from the windows on the opposite walls and a timber frame softens the greys and whites in the bathroom.


The final result looks great and it fits everybody's needs.

Accessible bathroom design
timber mirror cabinet
Accessible Rails

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