5 Things to Know About American Oak Custom Timber Vanity

5 Things to Know About American Oak Custom Timber Vanity

Some people are speculating whether timber vanities are losing their momentum in the interior design world. But truth be told, these gorgeous solid wood vanities will never go out of fashion, and we will give you five compelling reasons why do we think so.

  1. Timber vanity is a long-lasting investment.

All our gorgeous timber furniture is made of solid timber. If your timber vanity will start to show any signs of tiredness along the track – like visible scratches or light stains, your builder can sand the whole unit down, coat the vanity with a clear sealer and it will look brand new again.

Can you do the same with painted poly vanities? A short answer – No.

  1. Our timber vanities and mirror cabinets are custom-made.

There are no such things as standard depth, height, or length. Our skilled carpenter can make whatever size item you need. As you all know, it is often quite difficult to find a ready-made off-the-shelf unit with exactly the sizes that you need.

  1. Real timber looks and feels completely different compared to a fake look-alike.

Now, some can argue that there are good options for materials on the market that imitate timber. Maybe if looking from a distance that’s the case. But the reality is different. Solid timber feels raw and warm to the touch. Every detail feels solid and makes the unit sturdy and heavy. Come and visit our beautiful showroom and see it / feel it with your own eyes.

  1. Different timbers have a different feel in bathroom design.

When it comes to timber type, there are a few things to consider before making the choice for your vanity. For example, do you want light or dark timber? Maybe a timber that has interesting grain lines? Timber that complements your wall tiles and tapware?

In this project, we have used American Oak with warm undertones. This timber really brightens the bathroom, and it has beautiful distinctive swirls in timber.

  1. Aesthetics!

The use of natural materials in new builds and renovations has increased over the years. We feel more than ever connected to the beautiful nature surrounding us. We want to imitate that feeling also indoors. Timber details will always work with different design styles – whether it’s a traditional-looking house or a modern apartment. Timber emphasizes familiarity, warmth, and coziness.

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