4 Reasons To Use Timber Floating Shelves In Bathroom Design

American Oak Timber Shelves

4 Reasons To Use Timber Floating Shelves In Bathroom Design

1.   It boosts well being

Many studies show that wood products in interior design have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. It is proven that being around wood elements like timber floating shelves has psychological benefits since these items make the connection with nature.

Everybody loves spending time in nature because it is calming and refreshing. When choosing to have timber shelves, hooks, or a stool in your bathroom, you are bringing nature indoors.

2.   It adds colour and texture

When it comes to aesthetics, timber is a very versatile option that will work in many design concepts. Whether your bathroom has an industrial feel, a cottage feel, or a more modern feel, the timber floating shelves will work perfectly with other finishes.

Hardwood timber varies in colour and texture because it is a natural material. Our Spotted Gum has gorgeous soft grey veins, and the timber looks more earthy and darker. American Oak on the other hand has predictable wood grains and swirls and has slightly warmer or yellowish undertones. Wormy Chestnut is a spectacular timber that works wonderfully with Black or Gunmetal tapware because of its black spots and veins.

3.   It is timeless

This is so true because firstly it will last a very long time and secondly it will never go out of fashion.

Solid hardwood timber floating shelves can always be sanded down when they start to look a little tired. A quick sanding and a new coat of sealer will make them look brand new again.

When it comes to vanities, poly vanities are very popular because they can be painted in whatever colour your like, but they won’t last. A small chip or scratch can damage the whole look permanently.

Hardwood works in so many different style bathrooms. Accessories made of timber can look elegant and minimalistic or homey and cozy. For example, a timber floating shelf in a modern bathroom will soften the crisp look of the tiles and in a small powder room, it will add some personality and warmth.

4.     It is original

Our hardwood vanities, mirror cabinets, timber-framed flat mirrors, or floating shelves are all custom-made to order. That means that every item is unique and original. No mass production.

Solid timber can definitely be a feature and if it’s custom made, it just transforms the whole atmosphere in your en suite or main bathroom. And let’s face it, we all love a little bit of originality in our home.

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