The hub of the home

Small or large the kitchen is the hub of the home; its where meals are prepared and people are gathered.

In the past ,kitchens were regards as a place of work, a space used almost exclusively for cooking and therefore were closed to be able to conceal the mess. Family and friends used to then eat in the dining room that was situated nearby. These days the kitchen has become much more than that it is part of the happenings -the living room and communal areas

It’s a place to meet and to create delicious food together; the right place for time well spent -Sven Ehmann

The size and style of the kitchen is mainly depended on the life style and size of the family, its location and functionality . Not only is the new trend for maximising your kitchen space a great way to create a more user friendly room that will actually get used, it is also a brilliant way of bringing the family together.

Study in the Kitchen
kickboard made of drawers
Drawers to be opened with a kick
Stools for Kitchen Island
study in a Kitchen
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